Riding the Rails: Quebec to Montreal to Toronto part 2

Right… In a desperate effort to catch up the blog, which is now over a month behind, I’m combining a few journeys here. So may I present Riding the Rails: Quebec City to Toronto, via a brief stop in Montreal and Toronto part 2. 

So after the road trip around Nova Scotia my trip suddenly became quite hectic as I tried to race back across the whole of Canada to make it to Vancouver in time to join my tour. Quebec City was a must, because I missed it on the way through, but the other thing dictating my stops was the train schedule. So first off…

Riding the Rails: Quebec City to Toronto (via Montreal) 

  • Quebec City to Montreal: The first section of this was fairly uneventful. I left Quebec City in another heat wave meaning lugging my luggage around was really starting to get to me. Luckily I had the comfy seat train again which was nice. I did also leave my phone charger on the train so swings and roundabouts. Got into Montreal at 9 at night, guzzled down some food and went to bed. 
  • Montreal to Toronto: early train. I haven’t had to get up early for most of this trip. I do not like early mornings, especially when they mean I miss the free breakfast at my hostel and I’m only having to do them because I have luggage to check in. Seriously it’s like flying! Wifi on the train though so I spent most of this journey chatting to people, before arriving into Toronto, buying a new charger, showering and crashing. 

Toronto part 2

Here’s a piece of travelling advice: if rocking up in a city for only two days and expecting to be able to do things, check first if it is a national holiday! I arrived back into Toronto on Victoria Day… so a lot of things were closed and it was raining so the holiday fireworks were rained off. Also, due to the torrential rain that had plagued Ontario and Quebec for the last few weeks, Toronto Island was flooded and closed to visitors. So a slightly different few days than I had planned. I explored the University District (very pretty and green) and the Distillery District (less distilleries than you would expect but some nice shops) and had a far more chilled out two days than I was anticipating. I also had to kill 2 hours in my hostel before my evening train, luckily it was happy hour in the downstairs bar, so actually by the time I get on the train I was in a pretty good mood. 


Next up: Get ready for a lot of trains!

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