Riding the Rails: Montreal to Halifax

Just a few pics to share here (and actually I’m writing this up really late so I don’t remember so much about the trip, I didn’t make notes so nothing too spectacular happened)

A 24 hour train journey really is nothing compared to my 70 hour ones, but this one was fairly busy and, while my seating companion was absolutely lovely, sleeping upright next to a total stranger is a knack I haven’t quite grasped. So most of this trip was spent feeeling very sleepy.

We set off in the dark, so no photos, and then arrived in the rain, so also no photos. My seating companion was finishing a quilt and showed me how to stitch binding (should I ever finish mine), she entertained me with stories of trying to take the train with a double bass. Then I exchanged travel stories with a lovely lady from Moncton who had just returned from Guatemala. I had bought enough food… but it was a weird selection, never go shopping hungry folks and by the time I arrived in Halifax was just bone tired and ready for bed – which was a bottom bunk, yay! 

So one more train journey down, there’s only around 4 to go now. Next up: Halifax and Nova Scotia! 

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