Halifax – part one 

So Halifax was wonderful. I decided to forget Quebec City for the moment (don’t worry, I am going back) and just go spend a few days chilling out in Halifax instead. As I said, in Montreal I was just exhausted so, self care and all that, I needed some down time. I got it, I loved it, I am going back. Here are the highlights of Halifax part one

People – the people at Halifax Hi were just lovely and I made so many new friends. With a whole selection of different people I played pool, went skating, ate a lot of chocolate, drank tea, ate wings, observed karaoke, chatted politics, cooked, hung out on canons and just generally had a lovely time. Thank you so much all to everyone at the HI for helping me to have an excellent week of recharging my batteries

The Mist – so Halifax is beautiful in the sunlight, but the atmosphere in the mist is just wonderful. I loved the eerie feel it gave the town and the harbour. Invisible ships sounding their fog horns as they floated in the water. It was beautiful and endeared me to Halifax instantly

The Black Market Boutique  – this is a shop. I guess it has a sort of ethnic hippie vibe, but it’s got so many wonderful things and so many wonderful deals. If you’re reading this and you were expecting a present, chances are I might have brought you something from here… trust me some of them are epic! 

The Halifax Noon Gun – every single day in Halifax a canon is fired, at noon, by soldiers in historical uniforms. Every day. If you’re standing in the right place (or the wrong place depending on your perspective) the whole town actually shakes around you. It’s really quite something. You can even find them on Twitter @HalifaxNoonGun check is out for a Twitterized version of the canon #boom #halifax

There were also some wonderful cafes, bookshops, thrifts stores, museums and the skate park with free skate hire is my new favourite place. Now I’m off to road trip Nova Scotia, expect more from Halifax soon, after what (weather wise at least) is shaping up to be a very English week.

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