Halifax – part 2

So Halifax part two! After the whirlwind that was Nova Scotia it was nice to get back to the hostel in Halifax and just chill out. The Halifax hostel really was wonderful and the people were so friendly, also I got the same bed I had before so it felt it bit like coming home. This time I focused on the museums and Canada has got some fantastic museums. 

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic – some nice bits of history on Halifax’s important role in naval history, a stuck up parrot that refused to talk to me and a boat gallery complete with kraken. The Halifax explosions exhibit (when in 1917 a ship laden with explosives crashed into another ship in the bay, killing more people than died in the First World War) was very well put together and I loved the shipwreck treasures exhibit. The Titanic exhibit was a little terrifying, ships from Halifax brought the bodies in from the wreck and the fact that they have a replica of the promenade that you can walk on was a little too creepy for me. 

The Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 – something I’m noticing about Canada, publicly at least (in terms of museums and things), is a lot more honest about its past mistakes. The immigration Museum not only highlights Canada’s previously restrictive immigration policy and exploitation and abuse of immigrant workers, but also acknowledges the importance of immigrants in making the country as successful as it is today and the many ways it still needs to continue to improve its views on immigration. I can’t help feeling that if England had this kind of attitude, we might not have ended up in the mess we are currently in. Also here’s an interesting factoid the “not wanted” sticker on immigrants luggage was not to do with their immigration status, but luggage that was stored in the hold and not wanted throughout the voyage, so you learn something new everything day. 

So that’s my round of up Halifax over, it’s been one of my favourite places in Canada, partly because it’s very similar in vibe to Bristol now it’s onwards and back on the train once again! 

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